Friday, February 21, 2014

"Pixabay" Download Free HD Images and Share Your Own Photos

The use of HD photos increase dramatically in this digital world. Everyday lots of people search HD pictures for their needs but we can’t find so many website for free download. Pixabay is a great source of free images, where anyone can download and share one’s photo.
Pixabay download free hd images

What is Pixabay?

It is an international community for sharing quality public domain images. The website was first developed in Germany by Hans Braxmeier and Simon Steinberger. In February 2013, Pixabay offered around 80.000 free photos and vector graphics, contributed by photographers and illustrators of its community.

Why does Pixabay exceptional work?

The photographers and the owners of “Pixabay” share their exceptional work for free. Free of cost and free of copyright. So, with care, you can use most Pixabay photos in any way you wish, for private and commercial use. This is an incredible gift, because buying images for a large website can really chew up the dollars.

Wordpress user can use Pixabay plugin

Pixabay Images is a free WordPress plugin that lets you pick photos and cliparts from Pixabay and insert them quickly into your blog posts. Once you've activated the plugin you'll be able to search, edit, and insert images from Pixabay conveniently inside your WordPress content editor.
Download Pixabay wordpress plugin

How to Use Pixabay to Download Free HD Images

Pixabay hosts high superiority public domain images. You can explore on Pixabay by using keywords or you can simply browse through the library of images. Pixabay is an ad-supported site so when you search for images a set of sponsored Shutterstock images appears at the top of the results much like when some Google search results display ads before the authentic results. When you find a Pixabay image you can download it in the size that suits your needs. Registered users do not have to enter a captcha code to download images. Users who do not register can download images, but they do have to enter a captcha code before downloading each picture.