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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Simple way to improve your App in App store, App Marketing Techniques

What is App store optimization (ASO)?

When we improve visibility of a mobile app in app store it’s called ASO (App store optimization). It’s a process of getting higher rank in search results and top charts rankings will drive more downloads for an app. App store optimization is closely related to search engine optimization. The field is quickly becoming an important driver of app downloads for marketers; methods for App Store Optimization are beginning to be more widespread. ASO can be distinct into three parts: (i) finding the right keywords, (ii) ranking highly for those keywords, and (iii) converting visitors into users. On the other hand, ASO is not limited to keyword related tactics only; it actually involves all meta data available and accessible in the app stores, like icons, screenshots, description and update texts and others.


Main Goals of ASO:

1.       Being found better by users in the app stores
2.       Rank higher compared to competitors
3.       Rank higher for specific keywords
4.       Rank higher in Google´s semantic search for applications

Why is ASO important for your App Store?

ASO is your secret weapon. It’s the most used method for discovering and downloading new apps. If you’re not using ASO to increase your app’s search ranking, you’re missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app. Spend time every week improving your ASO, and you will meaningfully impact your app’s ranking and overall success.

Tips for improving your ASO

On-Page Optimization
1.       App Title: Make sure the app title clearly describes the app and what it does, but keep it short. I have seen many app titles that are too long and get truncated. As we know, this kills user experience.
2.       App Description: People using cell phones are not viewing it on their desktop monitors, so time is of the essence. Make every word in your description count.
3.       App Logo: This is a great way you can creatively express what your app does. Consider hiring a professional to create a stunning app logo. Get inspiration from the large brands like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Amazon. This part should not be overlooked.
4.       App Screenshot: Make sure you have clear and detailed screenshots of your app and highlight all the best parts of your app with multiple screen shots.
5.       Category: Make sure you categorize your app appropriately. A lot of searchers jump straight into specific categories if they are looking for something. Apple also allows a secondary category in the event your app fits into two categories, but always treats the primary app as your most important category.
6.       Keywords: Quality should trump quantity here. Stay away from questionable techniques such as using a competitor’s brand name. Apple also recommends using unique keywords over highly generic ones. Make strategic use of your keyword selection.

Off-Page Optimization
1. App Reviews: This is an extremely important part of ASO in terms of conversion. Searchers will always download apps that have positive reviews. Sometimes reviews reveal a great deal of information about the app that may convert a potential searcher. Make sure your app has a sufficient amount of detailed and genuine reviews.
           2. App Ratings: This is another great conversion factor. People will almost always download an app that has a high percentage of positive ratings. Make sure you develop a great app, so that users can leave a great rating.

 To be continue

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

App "Glove" that figures out which carrier has the best coverage for you

App Glove will help people monitor their location habits for three days, then make a recommendation as to which carrier’s coverage map best fits their actual needs. Glove developed by Crowdx.

Glove runs for 3 days and keeps tabs on where you use your phone most. Then it tells you which carrier will provide you with the best coverage. Glove helps you to get an offer from your best carrier

Since the data is drawn from crowdsourced reports, Glove is only launching in a few locations to start: the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. Glove is available for Android for now, with an iOS version planned for later in 2014.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Android User can get $10-$15 off Mobile Bill by Putting Ads on Lock Screen

If you're not irritated by seeing an ad for J. Crew, Adidas, Target, or Best Buy when you wake up your smartphone, a new app called Slidejoy could lop some money off your monthly phone bill. Slidejoy currently works only in the United States, but we will hopefully be expanding to other countries soon

How does Slidejoy work?

Upon turning on your phone, you will view an aesthetically pleasing ad on their lockscreens
 1.       You will have a choice to ignore the ad by sliding right and unlocking your phone
2.       You will also have a choice to engage with the ad by sliding left. Upon sliding left, the phone will unlock and you will be directed to a destination specified by the advertiser (YouTube, advertiser website, Google Play, coupon page, etc.)
3.       To prevent bias, you will make an equal amount regardless of whether or not you engage with an ad
4.       Over time, Slidejoy’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm learns your ad preference based off of your behaviors during different times of day and curates a more relevant user experience
5.       You can cash out their earnings via Square Cash/Paypal or choose to donate it to charity

 Payment Information

You will be paid each time you unlock your phone despite of whether you swipe left or right. Earnings you earn on a particular day will appear in the app at 7pm EST the next day. You can cash out your balance or donate it to selected charities. Available cash out method is now Paypal and others yet to add.

Stopping seeing the ads

You can easily disable ads by going to the settings tab inside the application and turn off ‘ads on lock screen.’ However, you will not accrue money if ads are disabled

Source: Cnet