Wednesday, July 16, 2014

12 Tips for App Store Improvement (improve your search performance)

Apps are getting more competitive in App Store, because every day thousand of new apps inaugurate in App Store. There is no way to improve your app store using ASO techniques. Check out the tips below that will help you to optimize the App store and improve your search performance

  1. Focus on natural incorporation of keywords in the title and description data
  2. Use conversion optimization techniques and push notifications to ensure more prolific usage of the  application 
  3. Keep the application “top of mind” through email and social media integration. Give your users a great reason to share, like, and follow.
  4. Offer heavy users the opportunity to review the app. A simple push with the opportunity to rate can give your ambassadors a platform to evangelize the product
  5. Try traditional PR to improve download rates and a bevy of quality content regarding the site
  6. Use event tracking and some iteration of “last state” tracking to prevent users from bouncing
  7. Use open graph (wisely!) to help spread the word.
  8. Make an absolutely killer app.
  9. Make sure you put some effort into creating a professional and eye-catching App Icon.
  10. Adding screen shots and a video ad to your app store page.
  11. Choose your app name carefully. 
  12. Track Events & Actions.