Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Facebook has announced it is joining the mobile publishing game

Facebook is taking new steps to boost its engagement on mobile and tap into the growing gaming market, announcing Tuesday that it has launched a new mobile games publishing platform for developers.
Mobile Game Publishing
According to social network page Facebook's new pilot program is aims “to help small and medium-sized developers take their mobile games global. Through the program, we will work with select game developers and provide promotional support for their games in placements across our mobile apps.”

Launching a game on Facebook’s mobile platform, the social network noted, gives developers a chance to reach around 800 million monthly mobile users. The company has recruited Dan Morris, formerly of Electronic Arts and DeNA, to lead its mobile games partnership team. Facebook will "promote a game across a variety of channels" and then "share in the success of those games by participating in the revenue share," Morris says.
Facebook also announced the first 10 developer participants in the program. They are
·         5th Planet, Dawn of the Dragons
·         Brainbow Dr. Newton: The Great Brain Adventure
·         Certain Affinity, Age of Booty: Tactics
·         Dragonplay, Live Hold'Em
·         Gameloft, Kingdoms & Lords
·         KiwiGames Shipwrecked
·         Outplay Entertainment, Monster Legacy
·         Space Ape, Samurai Siege
·         WeMade Entertainment, WIND Runner
·         Gamevil, Train City

Source:  Mobile game publishing by Facebook

Next year ASUS will be enter US smartphone market

Recently, HP has announced that they are going to make smartphone. So why not others, now ASUS has declared that they are also ready to enter US smartphone market but not this year. The ASUS chairman ended by saying that 2013 wasn't likely and he then said “I think next year is more reasonable.”
ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih

 In recent time, ASUS have been successful in the Android space with the Nexus 7 and Transformer tablet series, but one area they’ve struggled to gain traction is with smartphones. The company has been busy with their ASUS Padfone and FonePad, but penetrating the already crowded US smartphone market is the next challenge they want to take on.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Satellite E series notebooks E45T & E55t/E55D newly announced by Toshiba

Toshiba announced its Satellite E series ultrathin notebooks  14-inch Satellite E45T and the 15.6-inch Satellite E55t/E55Dt will feature touchscreens and will be available with either fourth-generation Intel Core processors (Haswell) or AMD A6-series (Kabini) CPUs

New Satellite E series notebooks will take design cues from the company’s luxury Kirabook, except they're made of aluminum instead of pressed magnesium, and the bottom isn't made of metal but rather, textured plastic. The screen resolution is also lower, at 1,366 x 768; these are middle-of-the-road machines, after all. On the bright side, they all support 802.11ac WiFi -- of a surprise on otherwise humdrum systems like these.

The E45T will be with a Core i5 Haswell processor and a 500GB hard drive paired with an SSD. Perhaps most interesting, though, is that the E45t will come with Dragon Assistant on board for simple voice commands (think: shutting down the computer, doing a web search, controlling multimedia playback, et cetera). You can expect to find that next week, on August 4th, with a suggested retail price of $818.

The 15-inch version, meanwhile, will be offered with either a Core i5 processor and touchscreen (that's the E55t) or a quad-core A6 APU. There are actually two AMD models: one configuration comes with a touchscreen (that would be the E55Dt) and one has a non-touch panel (that's the E55D). Strangely, the non-touch model also offers lesser storage; that has a 750GB HDD, while the touch version goes up to a full terabyte.

Sony and Panasonic agreement for developing a next-generation standard for professional-use optical discs

Summary: Sony and Panasonic sign basic agreement to jointly develop standard for professional-use next-generation optical discs

Sony and Panasonic have announced that they have signed a basic agreement with the objective of jointly developing a next-generation standard for professional-use optical discs, with the objective of expanding their archive business for long-term digital data storage. Both companies target will be the development of an optical disc with recording capacity of at least 300GB by the end of 2015.

In a statement both companies said they had “a proven track record in developing Blu-ray Disc™ format technologies, and by actively promoting the adoption of a new standard for next-generation high-capacity optical discs, they intend to offer solutions that preserve valuable data for future generations.”

Monday, July 29, 2013

Dell's thumb-size PC, "Project Ophelia" Available in Coming Months

The new product from Dell “Project Ophelia” should be available to customers in coming months.  It has already been shipped out for beta testing.

According to PCWorld, in an email a Dell spokesman announced that these mini computers would start shipping sometime in the next fiscal quarter, which runs from August to October.

Know about thumb-size PC "Project Ophelia"

What is Project Ophelia?
 “Project Ophelia” is thumb-size PC, newly introduced by Dell. It is alternative to PCs and looks much like a USB stick. It can turn any screen or display with an HDMI port into a PC, gaming machine, or streaming media player. This thumb PC runs on the Android OS and once it is plugged into an HDMI port, users can run applications, play games, watch streaming movies or access files stored in the cloud.

What can you do with Ophelia?
 Project Ophelia can turn any compatible display into a virtual PC.  It can be plugged into any HDMI port, transforming the screen into a gaming device or a computer. It runs on Android OS and allows the user to access information on the cloud in order to stream media, play games, or access files. So anyone can easily run applications, play games, watch streaming movies or access files stored in the cloud by using this thumb-PC.

Features of Project Ophelia
Project Ophelia a relatively inexpensive way to create a computer anywhere the stick can connect to a network via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Feature of its;
1.       Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity options
2.       Able to plugs into the HDMI port of any HDTV or monitor, turning it into a makeshift Android-based PC
3.       Stick-sized PC is a SoC with two Cortex-A9 cores clocked at 1.6 GHz
4.       8 GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot for adding more
5.       Android 4.1.2 "Jelly Bean
6.       Running on 19-inch and 55-inch screens
7.       Lightweight PC
8.       Able to run Android games or stream movies from Hulu or Netflix
9.       Capable to even download apps, movies and TV shows from the Google Play store
10.   Ability to access files stored in the cloud

How much it cost?

Priced at about $100, Dell hopes Ophelia will be an inexpensive alternative to PCs, whose shipments are falling with the growing adoption of tablets and SmartPhones.

Intel will provide Apple with an ultra-high performance version of its Haswell for Apple's upcoming MacBook Pros.

Summary: MacBook Pro may soon be equipped with a particularly powerful type of Haswell processor

According to SemiAccurate, Apple will utilize a “special version” of High-End Haswell Processors for  its upcoming MacBook Pro. The report claims that the chips will include a special version of Intel's highest-end GT3e (Iris Pro 5200) integrated graphics.

If this rumor is true, it would give the Cupertino-based company’s MacBook Pro a unique hardware advantage over its laptop competitors. “Apple has somehow convinced Intel to give them a unique part for the next MacBook Pro, something that no one else will get. Not only that, this ultra-high performance part is something no one else can get for technical reasons” states SemiAccurate.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that the updated MacBook Pros will launch in mid-September. It is unclear if Apple will refresh both the Retina MacBook Pros and the standard MacBook Pros, but many believe that Apple is planning to phase out the non-Retina varieties.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Everyone should know before buying Google’s Chromecast

What is Google Chromecast device?
Chromecast device is a Web media player, introduced by the Google. It  plug into a TV and allows users to stream video, share tabs from the Google Chrome browser, or play music from  Smartphone, tablet or computer on the big screen. Instead of playing physical content, like DVDs or Blu-ray disks, Chromecast uses the internet to pull content from web-based apps, Chromecast does not have a remote control included in the box it’s delivered with when buying it because it’s able to connect with any smart device.

How Chromecast works?
First you have to plug in Chromecast into your TV, plug a microUSB power cord (included in the box) into Chromecast to keep it powered up, and press the single physical button on Chromecast to send out a wireless signal that effectively says, “I’m ready to go!”

Features of Chromecast
Size: 72(L) x 35(W) x 12(H) mm
Weight: 34g
Video Output: 1080p
Connectivity: HDMI, Wi-Fi
RAM: 256k
Processor: N/A
OS: Chromecast

Apps that Chromecast can support
chromecast can only support four apps: Netflix, YouTube, Google Music and Google Movies. However, an upside to this is that Google is offering both new and existing Netflix users three free months of the service if they buy Chromecast.

How it price?

Apple TV is $ 99, and Ruku is $49-$99 where’s Google Chromecast only $ 35. Chromecast is available starting today in the U.S., and will come to other countries later.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ibrahim Balic claimed that he hacked Apple’s developer website

Summary: In a comment made on TechCrunch, Ibrahim Balic identified himself as a "security researcher" who attempted to point out serious issues to Apple about its Dev Center website.

Ibrahim Balic, claims that he was behind the "hack" but insisted that his intention was to demonstrate that Apple's system was leaking user information. He posted a video on Youtube which appears to show that the site was vulnerable to an attack, but adding "I have reported all the bugs I found to the company and waited for approval." A screenshot in the video showed a bug filed on 19 July - the same day the site was taken down - saying "Data leaks user information. I think you should fix it as soon as possible."

Balic told the Guardian: "My intention was not attacking. In total I found 13 bugs and reported [them] directly one by one to Apple straight away. Just after my reporting [the] dev center got closed. I have not heard anything from them, and they announced that they got attacked. My aim was to report bugs and collect the datas [sic] for the purpose of seeing how deep I can go with it."

Apple said in an email to developers late on Sunday night that "an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers… [and] we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers' names, mailing addresses and/or email addresses may have been accessed."

A lots of surprising features (20-megapixel flagship) includes Sony Xperia i1

According to Chinese website ePrice, Xperia i1 will be equipped with a 5-inch full HD 1080p display and a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. All eyes will be focused on the smartphone’s rumored 20-megapixel rear camera, however, that is said to feature a high-end 1/2.3-inch ExmorRS sensor. The Xperia i1 will also reportedly be both dust-resistant and water-resistant and will include 2GB of RAM, a 3,000 mAh battery, 16GB of internal storage, a microSD slot and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. Sony is likely to announce the Xperia i1 at the IFA trade show in Berlin on September 4th.

Week's top 10 iPhone and iPad apps on App Store

This week’s top 10 paid and free apps for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. App Store Official Charts for the week ending July 21, 2013:

Top Ten iphone Apps:
Paid Apps
Free Apps
1. Where’s My Mickey?, Disney

2. Contra: Evolution, PunchBox Studios

3. Minecraft — Pocket Edition, Mojang

4. Heads Up!, Warner Bros.

5. AfterLight, Simon Filip

6. Smart Alarm Clock: sleep cycles & noise recording, Plus Sports

7. Plants vs. Zombies, PopCap

8. Block Fortress, Foursaken Media

9. Free Music Download Pro — Mp3 Downloader, ASPS Apps

10. Breach & Clear, Gun
1. Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Gameloft

2. Candy Crush Saga, Limited

3. The Idiot Test 3, Nexx Studio

4. Can You Escape, Kaarel Kirsipuu

5. Riddle Me That, Gummy Crush

6. Google Maps, Google, Inc.

7. YouTube, Google, Inc.

8. WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Inc.

9. Snapchat, Snapchat, Inc.

10. Instagram, Burbn, Inc.

Top ten iPad Apps:
Paid Apps
Free Apps
1. Minecraft — Pocket Edition, Mojang

2. Where’s My Mickey? XL, Disney

3. Plants vs. Zombies HD, PopCap

4. Breach & Clear, Gun.

5. Doc McStuffins: Time For Your Check Up!, Disney

6. Sprinkle Islands, Mediocre AB

7. SpongeBob Moves In, Nickelodeon

8. Block Fortress, Foursaken Media

9. iStoryTime — Turbo Movie Storybook Deluxe, zuuka incorporated

10. Survivalcraft, Igor Kalicinski
1. Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Gameloft

2. Monster Doctor — kids games, George CL

3. Candy Crush Saga, Limited

4. Google Maps, Google, Inc.

5. PAC-MAN DASH!, NamcoBandai Games Inc.

6. Doctor X — Med School, Kids Fun Club by TabTale

7. Angry Birds Star Wars HD, Rovio Entertainment Ltd

8. Turbo Racing League, PikPok

9. Disney Princess Palace Pets, Disney

10. YouTube, Google, Inc.

Awesome features of Nokia windows phone 8 "Lumia 625”!

Nokia today unveiled the largest addition to its Windows Phone lineup, the Lumia 625. Upcoming the Nokia windows phone 8 “Lumia 625” will have 4.7 inches and 221 pixels per inch display. This offers a large view of everything. It will be available to see the display in direct sunlight, and manipulate the touch screen while wearing gloves or with long nails. Others features are;

·         4G windows phone 8
·         1.2-GHz, dual-core processor
·         512MB of RAM and 8GB of storage, expandable up to 64GB via an SD card
·         5-megapixel rear-facing camera with autofocus and LED flash, as well as a VGA front-facing camera
·         Variety of colors, including orange, yellow, bright green, white, and black via changeable shells

The Nokia Lumia 625 will be available in the third quarter, but is currently only set to launch in China, Europe, Asia Pacific, India, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Nokia said it will sell for about 220 Euros, though that's before any carrier subsidies.

Source: Lumia 625

Mobile messaging and sticker app "Line" passes 200 million users

Japan-based Messaging app Line launched in June 2011. Now it has achieved a new record of 200 million registered users worldwide on Saturday, July 21!

The application supports messaging and voice over Internet Protocol calling, but is known for popularizing digital sticker packs, or character-driven emoticons. In a previous conversation with CNET, Line U.S. CEO Jeanie Han said users send more than 750 million stickers each day. The company made 30 percent of its first quarter 2013 revenue, or around $18 million, from selling sticker packs, according to its earnings statement.
Line's success with stickers has inspired American app-makers such as Path and Facebook to add their own interpretations on the expressive emoji to their services.

Miracle of Apps; can detect presence of drugs in humans.

Smartphone Apps Tests for Drug Use in a Flash. Polish students team has created Drug testing Apps for smartphone. This smartphone Apps can easily detect presence of drugs in humans. The simple and cheap app measures the response of the human eye to light and stimuli

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alibaba, The most popular Chinese e-commerce platform has introduced new platform Smart TV with Smart OS

Summary: Alibaba Tunes In China’s Internet TV Market with Smart OS

Alibaba is renowned for its e-commerce services — which gross more revenue than Amazon and eBay combine. Today the company has announced that it has developed a smart TV operating system and is working with a number of partners, including Cisco and Chinese manufacturers, to develop smart TVs, step-top boxes and services to run inside them.

Skyworth and Changhong are among the manufacturing partners that are building Alibaba-powered smart TVs. The first product will come from digital media firm Wasu Media. Although the company hopes that it’s smart TV OS will become “the nucleus” of Internet TV viewing in China

Saudi Arabia first woman film director “Haifaa al-Mansour”

The county Soudi Arabia where cinemas are banned. Haifaa al-Mansour is Saudi Arabian first woman who to direct a feature film “Wadjda”. For this film rules are slackening, though—select films are now shown on television and the government arranges very occasional public screenings.

Details: Film Wadjda

Monday, July 22, 2013

Google has initiated a new form of advertising into Gmail

Summary: Gmail ads now appearing as emails into a new type of email popping up in the Promotions tab

Recently Google has upgraded gmail service by sorting emails into tabs. There are five types of tabs at this time; these are Primary, Social, Promotional, Update and Forum. It appears at the setting. Primary is for newsletters and correspondence; Promotions is for marketing offers and deals, such as Catch of the Day, Social is for updates on social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

However, users have been noticing a new type of email popping up in the Promotions tab: paid-for-placement advertising. These are in addition to the ad bar that shows up at the top of the page and column on the right-hand side when you open an email.

They are differentiated from regular emails by a shaded background and the word "ad" appearing below the sender's name; users can open them and read them like a normal email, with information on the promotion inside with links and videos. You have the option to forward to a friend or dismiss the ad; if you dismiss it, you won't receive that particular promotion again.

Apple Developer Website Hacked

Summary: Apple revealed that its Developer Center website was breached by unknown hackers and was taken offline last Thursday as a precaution.

Apple on Sunday addressed a multi-day outage afflicting its developer site, acknowledging that its systems were hacked.

In an email to developers, Apple wrote:

“Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers from our developer website. Sensitive personal information was encrypted and cannot be accessed; however, we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers’ names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses may have been accessed. In the spirit of transparency, we want to inform you of the issue. We took the site down immediately on Thursday and have been working around the clock since then.

In order to prevent a security threat like this from happening again, we’re completely overhauling our developer systems, updating our server software, and rebuilding our entire database. We apologize for the significant inconvenience that our downtime has caused you and we expect to have the developer website up again soon.”

Apple did confirm to Macworld that the website that was breached was not associated with any customer information; all customer information is securely encrypted, a company spokesperson said. The attacker also did not have access to app code, or the servers where app information is stored, Apple told Macworld. The company declined to comment on whether legal authorities were involved in its investigation of the hack.

Source: Apple hacked

Gmail’s new compose now offers a full-screen option

Summary: Gmail's new compose rolled out to everyone in March now it add new feature default full screen

When default full screen option is enabled, the compose window is centered in your inbox and expands to fit on your screen.  In addition, the formatting toolbar is on by default.  You can click on the expand button in the top right to switch to full-screen or set full-screen as the default by selecting Default to full-screen in the more options menu in the bottom right.

Some users have gotten used to, or simply prefer how Gmail worked before, because not everyone will like the new compose and reply windows, that’s a given fact. If you have chosen the new view but want to go back to the old experience, here’s what you’ve got to do.

•             Click “compose” at the bottom corner of the message panel
•             Click the “more” menu icon
•             Select “Temporarily switch back to old compose”

Google is flaunting the following features especially for these people:

•             Fast: You can write messages right from you inbox
•             Simple: redesigned with a fresh, sleek look.
•             Powerful: You can check e-mails while typing, lessen drafts for later, and even create two messages at once.

Source: Default full screen

Google Motorola acquisition first mobile Moto-X coming August

Summary: Moto X smartphone will be released across multiple carriers in August

Motorola on Friday sent invitations for a press event in New York City on August 1st where the company will publicize its highly predictable Moto X smartphone. The latest rumors suggest the device will be equipped with a 720p display, a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and a 10-megapixel camera. Along with being the first smartphone manufactured in the United States, the Moto X will be the first handset that users will be able to customize with different colors and custom engraving options. The Moto X is expected to arrive on multiple carriers by the end of August.

Source: Moto X

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Digg Founder Kevin Rose Uploads Video of Himself Throwing Raccoon That Attacked His Dog

Summary: Digg founder Kevin Rose has uploaded a video to YouTube that shows him throwing a raccoon down a flight of stairs in an attempt to save his dog from attack.

The video contain a disclaimer that says Rose does not "encourage animal violence," and adds that Rose's dog Toaster was okay aside from some claw and bite marks. The video has been posted to Reddit

Source: Business Insider

Firefox OS 1.1 now available for Geeksphone devices

Betting on Mozilla's mobile operating system? There's a good chance, then, that you're kicking around a Geeksphone, one of the few devices known for running Firefox OS. Owners of the company's Keon and Peak handsets can now manually upgrade their devices to Firefox 1.1, which -- according to enthusiasts on the Geeksphone forums and Twitter -- speeds up boot times, patches an assortment of bugs and tacks on minor navigational and display improvements. Naturally, users interested in trying the build will have to download and flash it themselves.

Source: engadget

Men Dominate the Tech World

Summary: According to Business Insider report “23 statistics that prove men dominate the tech world"

The lack of women in technology conversation is nothing new.
Over the last few months, the topic has been fueled by events like "Donglegate" and its backlash.

It's since become common knowledge that women are underrepresented in tech jobs, but what about their representation in the tech world as a whole?

Here are statistics that shed some light on both:

In the U.S., women are actually more likely to use social networking sites. In December 2012, 71% of women compared to 62% of men surveyed were using social networking sites, according to Pew Internet.

Stat 1: LinkedIn: 63% men and 37% women

Stat 2: Google+: 71% men and 29% women

Stat 3: Reddit: 84% men and 16% women

Stat 4: Regarding Reddit, men are also twice as likely as women to be Reddit users, according to Pew

Stat 5: 8.5% of Wikipedia editors are women. The total percent of women editors has increased somewhat over the years, but Wikipedia recognizes that its editing community suffers from a lack of women editors. 

Stat 6: 1.3% of venture-backed startups have a female founder.

Stat 7: 6.5% of venture-backed startups have a female CEO.

Stat 8: 20% of venture-backed startups have one or more female C-level executive.

Stat 9: Women represent less than 10% of high-level venture capitalists in the U.S., according to the Kaufman foundation.

Stat 10: Only 12% of angel investors in the U.S. were women in 2011, according to the Center for Venture Research.

Stat 11: Cisco: 44 out 225 officers or managers are women.

Stat 12: Dell: 27 out of 125 officers or managers are women.

Stat 13: eBay: 10 out of 55 officers or managers are women.

Stat 14: Ingram Micro: 47 out of 236 officers or managers are women.

Stat 15: Intel: 6 out of 41 officers or managers are women.
Stat 16: Women make up about 11.5% of all game developers, according to the International Game Developers Association.

Stat 17: As of 2009, there were 7,430,000 workers in STEM jobs in America. Male workers held 5,640,000 of those jobs. 

Stat 18: Women hold less than 25% of STEM jobs, according to the ESA. Among women in STEM jobs, 27% of them are in computer science and math jobs and just 14% are in engineering jobs, according to the ESA.

Stat 19: There about 600 million women online compared to 800 million men in developing countries, according to a 2012 report from Intel.

Stat 20: On average, nearly 25% fewer women than men have access to the Internet, according to Intel.

Stat 21: The gender gap jumps to nearly 45% in regions like sub-Saharan Africa.

Stat 22: About 35% fewer women than men in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa have Internet success.

Stat 23: Nearly 30% fewer women than men in parts of Europe and North Africa have Internet access.

Source: Business Insider Report 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Malaysia bloggers hauled up for sedition

Summary: Malaysian couple has been charged with sedition due to sexual explicit of their blog, after posting a Ramadan greeting on Facebook which led to public outrage.

A couple in Malaysia who gained notoriety for their sexually explicit blog has been charged with sedition, after posting a Ramadan greeting on Facebook which led to public outrage.

Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee on Thursday pleaded not guilty in a Kuala Lumpur district court, where they faced charges for distributing or publishing "seditious" content. Bail was denied, so the couple will remain in jail until the next court date which is set for August 23. If found guilty of sedition, they face a jail term of up to three years.

According to court officials, the bloggers also face other charges of causing disharmony on religious grounds and possessing or producing obscene content, which can lead to a jail term of up to five years.

The couple angered many after posting a photo, marking the start of the Muslim Ramadan fasting month, of the pair eating pork--a meat which is forbidden in Islam. The photo included a hala logo used to indicate foods certified and permitted to be consumed by Muslims.

Following a public outcry, the duo apologized but Malaysia's Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin on Monday rejected the apology and called for the bloggers to be punished. The country's prime minister, Najib Razak, also issued a rebuke. "The insolent and impudent act by the young couple who insulted Islam showed that freedom of expression and irresponsible opinion can jeopardize the community," he said, in a report by The Star.

Najib also took the opportunity to highlight a new law the Malaysian government was looking to introduce to replace the current sedition act, but which had been criticized as a way to stifle political dissent.

Tan and Lee first gained notoriety last year when the bloggers posted photographs and videos of their sexual exploits, including close-ups of their genitals. Both are Malaysians, but Tan is a former law student on Asean scholarship at the National University of Singapore, which terminated his scholarship following the public outrage over their blog.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

iknife can tell cancerous from healthy tissue in seconds

Summary: A new kind of surgical 'Intelligent' knife can tell tumor from healthy tissue and may assist get better tumor taking away in the operating room.

iKnife, the tool analyses the vapour given off as surgeons use electrical current to cut away tissue - and it reports in real time whether the tissue is cancerous or not

Tests in 91 human patients have shown the "tool's diagnoses were extremely accurate," and may be "reliable enough to begin widespread use in operating rooms," said the study in the US journal Science Translational Medicine

The iKnife uses mass spectrometry to examine the surgical smoke given off by evaporating tissue, alerting the surgeon in three seconds as to what it contains.
Other current techniques - which include sending removed tissue to a pathology lab for analysis - are "costly...frequently inadequate," and take about 20-30 minutes, said the researchers from Hungary and Britain.
"Remarkably, there are almost no technologies in routine clinical practice to assist the surgeon in improving the accuracy of cancer tissue clearance," said the study.

Source: iknife

PayPal mistakenly credits man $92 quadrillion

According to CNN report: Pennsylvania man gets a PayPal statement saying his account contains $92,233,720,368,547,800. "This is obviously an error and we appreciate that Mr. Reynolds understood this was the case," PayPal said in a statement.
When Chris Reynolds opened his June PayPal e-mail statement, something was off.
The Pennsylvania PR executive's account balance had swelled to a whopping $92,233,720,368,547,800.
That's $92 QUADRILLION (and change).
Money that would make Reynolds -- who also sells auto parts on eBay in his spare time -- the richest man in the world by a long shot.
Rich, as in more than a million times richer than Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim. And he's worth $67 billion.
Oh, if only.
"It's a curious thing. I don't know, maybe someone was having fun," Reynolds said.
So he logged online, and reality bit back. His account balance read $0. The correct amount.

PayPal admitted the error and offered to donate an unspecified amount of money to a cause of Reynolds' choice. 

Wristband can monitor sleep!!!

Summary: Human life can be control by using technology. "Lark" is a wristband wireless connected with smartphone that is designed to assist sleep better.

Most people in America suffer from insomnia. Julia Hu, the 28-year-old CEO and founder of Lark, told the Huffington Post. "We have cured it in a way that nothing has been able to, without drugs."

Lark is a wirelessly connected wristband with smartphone that is designed to help sleep better. "It's a silent alarm clock," Hu said. "It does tiny little tickles to nudge you awake. It's a wireless sleep monitor, and it's a personal sleep coach."

"Fast forward two months," says Hu. "We decided, wouldn't it be amazing if we could turn the top sleep experts into an automated program on your phone? And that was the real beginning of turning this into a product."

After a while, Lark became the official product of the National Sleep Foundation and began selling in Apple Stores.

Source: Lark wristband

Technology companies call for more NSA transparency

Summary: Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and more join forces to request NSA data is made public.

After having their reputation damaged by the National Security Agency controversy earlier this year, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and many more are joining forces to demand more transparency regarding NSA requests and surveillance (via AllThingsD).
The 63 companies, investors, and non-profit organizations are pleading with the U.S. government to allow Internet, phone, and other service providers to share the requests that they receive for user data, including:

·         The number of government requests for information about their users
·         The number of individuals, accounts, or devices for which information was requested
·         The number of requests that sought communications content, basic subscriber information, and/or other information

“Basic information about how the government uses its various law enforcement–related exploratory authorities has been published for years without any apparent distraction to criminal investigations,” a copy of the letter obtained by AllThingsD reads. “We seek permission for the same information to be made available regarding the government’s national security–related authorities. This information about how and how often the government is using these legal authorities is important to the American people, who are entitled to have an informed public debate about the suitability of those authorities and their use.”

Apple and Google have both made their thoughts on the NSA scandal and user privacy clear, with Google even beefing up encryption on some of its services.

Adobe Marketing Cloud "Adobe Social" update feature

Summary: Adobe today launched its modernized social marketing platform. With this release, Adobe Social is now featuring social predictive publishing capabilities, a new mobile interface, streamlined reporting, better collaboration, plus integrations with Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Adobe Social has added four new social networks supported by its platform. These embrace Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr, and LinkedIn. Now, content from these networks can be pulled into Adobe Social enabling users to listen to what their community is saying, where they’ve been checking in, photos that have been uploaded, and more.

With Foursquare, Adobe has tapped into the location-based social network’s firehose, thanks to its relationship with Gnip. Marketers can examine the patterns in check-ins, look at the competition, and see how their marketing campaigns can take benefit of where a particular customer is.

In addition, marketers can now post content directly to their LinkedIn company pages and groups in the hope of bolstering its professional community. Adobe believes by doing so, brands can be better in tune with not only consumers, but also addressing the enterprise.

All of these updates are available starting today, with the exception of LinkedIn. Adobe says that the social network’s integration is on a limited beta release with general availability expected later this year. No pricing changes have been made as a result of these new features.

Source: Adobe Social

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HP plans to make a Smartphone

Summary: HP hasn’t had a smartphone since it ditched WebOS in 2011, but it sounds like it’s itching to get back into the smartphone marketing race.

The mobile market is so much competitive, so what! HP insists it still plans to make a Smartphone that it will release sometime in the future. Business Insider reports that Su-yin Yam, the senior director of HP’s consumer business in the Asia-Pacific region, said this weekend that HP is biding its time and waiting for the perfect moment to strike with a smartphone that truly differentiates the company from its competitors. Yam claimed that HP is studying all the current offerings in the smartphone market and is trying to figure out what it can offer that other vendors don’t. And while Yam wouldn’t commit to giving a timetable to launch, she did say that HP “has to be in the game” in the smartphone market so it seems that an HP smartphone is a matter of “when” more than “if.” 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Time to revive your inactive yahoo IDs active

Request time began Monday and will extend through Aug. 7, 2013
Yahoo is allowing people to place claims on inactive email addresses that are being given a second life. The chance to request the identifications began Monday and will extend through Aug. 7. Up to five different names can be submitted at .

The inactive email IDs are being released a month after the Sunnyvale, Calif., company notified users that they would have 30 days to log into an inactive account if they wanted to keep it.

People awarded the rights to the recycled email addresses will have a 48-hour period to activate the accounts beginning Aug. 15. Additional info

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pen can point out spelling error with a subtle vibration

Lernstift, the first digital pen that vibrates when you make a mistake. This pen monitors your spelling as you write. Spellcheck can be pretty frustrating, but it's become an invaluable feature in word-processing programs. For jotting down notes with a pen, though, people just have to take their lumps. Or, rather, they did; a new project on Kickstarter, created by two German dads, hopes to improve spelling around the world by alerting scribes whenever they make an error.

Present digital pens use optical sensors to pick up the writing movements and digitalize the words or sketches for computer use. Some of them need external devices. Others only work with specialty paper. Lernstift is different. It requires none of those. It's the first truly intelligent pen because all the tech and software is built-in. It can be used with apps but it doesn't depend on them.

The computer inside Lernstift is an embedded Linux system. The board contains motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and vibration module. It will be oval-shaped to fit perfectly inside the pen. Upon launch, Lernstift will be available in English and German. As soon as we can, we will roll out more languages: Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.

Dwolla, Popular EDI for online B2C transactions

Dwolla, whose name is a slangified portmanteau of sorts between the words “dollar” and “web,” represents a formidable alternative to PayPal. Designing its own network from the ground up, Dwolla bypassed many of the traditional channels and built something cheaper, faster and safer than anything that previously existed. This creates a huge channel and market pricing advantage for Dwolla.
i)                    Dwolla charges only 25¢ per transaction, and any transaction of $10 or less is free. Compare this with the average 2.9 percent + 30¢ that PayPal charges on each “goods and services” transaction. (PayPal allows you to send money to friends and family from a bank account for free.)
ii)                   Both PayPal and Dwolla allow you to move money to a bank account. Dwolla does this as quickly as the same day (however, in some circumstances it can take up to three days); while PayPal consistently takes 2-4 days to move money.
iii)                 Dwolla allows mass payments of up to 2,000 recipients; PayPal limits the number of recipients to 250.
iv)                 PayPal limits total daily transactions to $10,000. Dwolla sets its per transaction limit at $5,000 for personal accounts and $10,000 for business. However, in special circumstances, it allows organizations to transfer up to $50 million in a single transaction… yes, for just 25 cents!

It is difficult to innovate in the payment space, but Dwolla’s proprietary network allows users to send money to email addresses, phone numbers and social connections on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and to any business that chooses to accept it. You can send money to anyone – but recipients need to set up a Dwolla account to claim funds.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

First Apple computer auction price $387,750

First Apple computer sold Monday for $387,750 at a Christie's online-only auction. Bolaffi, an Italian collections company, says in a statement that it bought the computer. The seller was a retired school psychologist from Sacramento, Calif.
Vintage Apple products have become a hot item since Steve Jobs' death in October 2011. Jobs joined forces with Steve Wozniak to build computer prototypes in a California garage, and Wozniak built the Apple 1.
Another Apple 1 was sold in May for a record $671,400 by a German auction house. It broke a record of $640,000 set in November.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

At least 'Angry Trayvon' game to shut down

The makers of the controversial mobile game have promised to pull it from app stores in the wake of an online petition and user protests. The game is initially through Apple App store and Google play. Angry Trayvon depicts a man in a hooded sweatshirt walking through such areas as Brooklyn to complete "his world tour of revenge on the bad guys who terrorize cities everyday." Players of the game can use a variety of weapons to take down attackers from around the world.
What triggered the online outrage is the game's apparent reference to Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African American who was fatally shot last year. The shooter, George Zimmerman, claimed self defense. But the circumstances surrounding the shooting were less than clear, prompting protests and charges of racism. The case has been in the news lately as Zimmerman's trial began in June.

On facebook fun page Angry Trayvon has promised to remove all the traces of the games The people spoke out therefore this game was removed from the app stores. Sorry for the inconvenience as this was just an action game for entertainment. This was by no means a racist game. Nonetheless, it was removed as will this page and anything associated with the game will be removed.

Great promotional offer for iphone and ipad user before 5th App store Anniversary

wow!!! what a good offer for iphone and ipad user. It's a good day to go app shopping.

A number of the most popular paid iPhone and iPad apps are now available for free in a promotional offering before the fifth anniversary of Apple's App Store. Wednesday will be five years since the app store was launched. Details 

Monday, July 8, 2013

South Korean military secrets hunts by McAfee Malware

A study by McAfee Labs said the group has created malware which scanned systems for keywords including "weapon", "US Army" and "secret".

It said that once a computer's contents had been catalogued, the attackers could "grab documents at will".

South Korea has played down the threat.

Its defense ministry told the Associated Press news agency that it was technically impossible to have lost classified reports because the computers on which it stored military secrets were not connected to the net. Additional info

Roswell UFO incident's anniversary celebrated in Google doodle

Google doodle celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists. Google today is celebrating the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident with an interactive homepage doodle that allows users to help a lost alien return to his spacecraft. The black-and-white doodle, therefore, features an alien crash-landing his small craft on the ranch. More

5th Anniversary of Apple App store

Marking the fifth anniversary of the iPhone App Store, Apple has sent a poster to members of the press marking the many milestones the digital download destination has seen over its first half-decade. A picture of the poster was posted online on Wednesday by Tim Bradshaw, a reporter with the Financial Times.

In 2008, the iPhone App Store debuted with over 500 apps. The arrival of the App Store coincided with the release of the second-generation iPhone, or the iPhone 3G. The App Store now boasts over 850,000 apps as it nears its fifth anniversary on July 10. To celebrate the event, Apple sent out several promotional posters, which detail the rise of the App Store along with some of the most popular choices available, including Angry Birds, Temple Run, Netflix and Paper.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Google Glass Could Soon Get Device Locking, Music Player And ‘Boutique’ App Store, Firmware Reveals

Google Glass is still a pre-release product that’s fairly rough around the edges, compared to a lot of shipping consumer hardware, but new clues (via Slashgear) from the latest firmware update suggest that there are a number of practical additions coming to the device. Those include a Glass app store dubbed “Boutique,” which would be a welcome addition for app discovery, as well as a locking mechanism that would let it be locked down when not in use using a swipe gesture code combo.

The lock feature is something Google has discussed in the past as a means for keeping user data private, so that’s not a complete surprise, but we may see it sooner rather than later. The Glass Boutique, which would offer up Glassware software in one central location directly accessible from the device likewise isn’t surprising, either. Still, this is the first time it’s been mentioned, and indications are that it will offer access to both Mirror API titles like those currently available and native SDK apps that run on Glass itself.

New cards are also on the way, which help with media playback. There’s a music player with all the typical playback controls as well as artist and track information, and there’s a note about a video player, too. volume control for the bone-conduction speaker that Google uses to deliver audio without earbuds is also now included in the code, and that feature’s even functional with a little extra hacking.

All of these changes are essentially key elements of existing mobile device platforms, like iOS and Android for smartphones. Which isn’t to downplay them; they should result in big functionality improvements for Glass users when they do arrive. The point is that they illustrate just how far off from being a shipping product Glass still is. Glass is said to be headed for a 2014 release, and even these features are likely just the start of what needs to happen between now and then, so it’s nice to see them appearing even in prototype form. Additional info