Saturday, January 11, 2014

Popular Robots at CES-2014: Ozobot, MiP, Grillbot, Winbot, Future Robot FURo-S, Rapiro, Vex IQ, Famibot, Tyche, Dalek

Robots are finding their way into our homes, our offices, under our seas, in our factories and in our hospitals! In fact, they may soon be caring for our loved ones. International CES-2014 showed off some of the latest in robotic tech from the useful to the downright bizarre, here are some of the best:

  1. Ozobot: Ozobot is a smart robot that plays games with you.
  2. MiP: MIP stands for Mobile Inverted Pendulum. Collaboration with University College San Diego, the MiP robot is a self-balancing robot that looks like it is running around on a tiny Segway 
  3. Winbot: Window-Washing Robot 
  4. Future Robot FURo-S: Smart service robot

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